Candelaria Madidi Ecological book legally opens on September 21, 2006, by Notary Public Faith and by ordinary assembly is organized on September 24 of the same year and is founded on the same day, the end of this community organization Is to protect the area of ​​more than 32 thousand hectares, in the process of organization is socialized in the same year with all the social organizations of the region of Ixiamas.- 11 years have passed to date the community has passed many events, many Struggles to legalize their legal documents, the efforts and struggles with institutions not related to the same objectives of the community, has had the help of foreign volunteers who have managed to spread the existence of the community, currently the community is with its legal documents, if Well is an established legal organization recognized before government agencies as a community organization.- To protect the org And the territory of the same the candelaria executives in 2006 manage to make that the municipal government declares municipal reserve to the area of ​​the community so that it is protected, and thus is not overwhelmed, and the community is still in process before the governmental organism By land tenure. Due to the lack of institutional strengthening, we have not yet achieved this goal and that makes it impossible for us to implement the Eco Village Paititi Project. We thank all the members of the community and the volunteers for their collaboration. We will continue with the necessary efforts to consolidate the territory of the organization.-

We invite everyone, those interested in touring the Amazon jungles of Bolivia in which they visit us and to take a unique experience in its route. The territorial jurisdiction of Candelaria Madidi has been strictly intended for conservation and ecotourism, there is no human settlement or extractive activity on the site. CCME is currently developing projects to finance effective protection of the reserve through a community body of park rangers who patrol the reserve and the adjacent Madidi National Park, in addition to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly economic activities, alternatives to The current activities of logging, agriculture and extensive livestock. 

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