Volunteering with us

What we understand for volunteering is someone that is interested in helping achieve a greater goal, in this case the protection of the most biodiverse and critical area of conservation in the southern Amazon.

To do this requires a great deal of commitment and leadership. The things you can do to volunteer are: Set up projects, help us find resources, come visit us, come stay in the reserve and help protect it, set up web pages, write about us, do art, take pictures, etc.

Candelaria Madidi Ecologico is a reserve, and for the moment there is no one living there. We are an organization with no funds and have nothing to give in return but our most sincere gratitude. But the things you can get in return are many: Helping save the rainforest, giving in a pure sense, building a curriculum, visiting one of the most biodiverse forests in the world, etc.


In 2013, a media producer, Sophie Stalleger, and her boyfriend, Nicolas Deglaire, reached us interested in volunteering. They proposed filming a documentary about our project. Their commitment was enough that we set up an expedition, we searched funding from sponsors, Sophie herself provided some of the funding we required, and we made the expedition.

The result was magnificent, they had a great experience and they helped us a lot. See the results:


We've come up with these ideas that could work for volunteers that don't have a specific proposal. We haven't yet had anyone do these programs, so they are in trial mode. As mentioned above, CME community has no funds, so all the funding for these activities must come from the volunteers themselves.

To make it work, a number of volunteers would have to gather and agree on a date, that way the cost of transportation to the reserve could be easily covered. So we've set up an aproximate cost for each programme, that includes transportation, food and paid guides. 

This year's volunteering program.

Wild Cacao Harvest & Reserve Scouting

Imagine walking in the middle of the forest, going far off the trails, looking for scarce trees that grow the finest grain on earth: wild cacao. Doing a sustaniable harvest activity inside the forest can be one of the best ways not only to preserve it but to get to know it, see animals, and have an intimate experience in it. 

By harvesting the cacao, we can generate resources to protect the reserve. In addition to that, it gives us the opportunity to patrol the reserve for possible trespassers and infractors.

CME reserve has a very high concentration of wild cacao plants, and the fresh weather, abundant availability of drinkable surface water, and relative scarcity of annoying biting insects make it an ideal place to do it. Being this the most biodiverse place on earth, makes the potential quality of the seeds the best, and the experience an unsuperable way to see wildlife. 

Duration:  20-45 days  Cost: $100 + $20 per day

A minnimum of 4 volunteers is required for this program

Since this program is in trial mode, we still don't know how profitable the harvest may be. The cacao harvested will be sold and the funds will be used to help the preservation of the reserve. If we do this trip a few times and see that it can be profitable enough, we may begin offering to pay the expenses of the volunteers, but we can't do that yet.

If you're interested in this program, be sure to read all you can about CME and write to us with any questions.  You will be required to deposit a part of the total cost ammount in order for us to organize the logistics to carry out this activity. 


Any type of project that can help make this reserve a better place can be presented with us and we can go seek financing for it and voila! You have a job.

In a future when we get our financing for a project we will be looking for professionals to employ. We will give preference to those that have volunteered with us or that have made contact already.